“What exactly do you do as a coach?”

Before staying home with my girls, I taught high school biology and anatomy & physiology, and coached swimming. Having been a “coach” in the traditional sense and having a husband who works in the industry as a strength and conditioning coach, I was confused when I first heard of Beachbody coaches. I knew there was no formal education requirement necessary to sign up to coach, so I wondered the same thing: What does a Beachbody coach do??

As a coach, I help guide, support, encourage and empower people who are working to reach their personal fitness goals. I don’t write programs, or design meal plans. I don’t have to. All of the products that Beachbody offers are based on the most current research, and all have been tested with trial groups. Beachbody also provides tons of opportunity for professional development; it feels so good to learn and grow as a professional (again)! Listen. One of the first things I do is help my clients identify their health and fitness goals and their motivation for reaching those goals—the what and why. Problem solve. We work together to break down the identified goals into manageable small steps—the how. Support and troubleshoot. Once they have the tools in their hands to reach their goals, my role shifts into that of an accountability partner.

May marks my fourth month as a coach, though I've been using Beachbody fitness programs (P90X, Les Mills Pump, P90X3 and T25) and Shakeology for a while. It took me a long time to take a leap of faith, step outside of my comfort zone and join two of my former teammates (from club swimming days), but I am so grateful I did. Karri and Erin, who have been coaching for a couple of years now, were two of my role models growing up; I followed their lead as I worked my way up the ranks in the swimming world. They are paving the way again. Karri and another coach, Megan, joined forces to create our team: Team Fit & Fierce. As a team, we work together to connect our clients and challengers through online support groups. It’s pretty amazing to be part of such a positive, uplifting group. The benefits of coaching are endless.. but that's for another post ! So grateful for the opportunity!!