Karen Shepard - The work that our son has done with LSA throughout the past several years has made all the difference during his basketball seasons.  As our son describes it, Rob isn’t just interested in lifting weights; he’s interested in the whole person, in helping a kid to be a better version of himself than he ever imagined he could be.  Rob has reminded our son of the valuable lesson that success isn’t about luck; it’s about hard, hard work.  We couldn’t be more grateful that our son’s life has crossed paths with Rob and LSA.


John LeClair - McCann FB - In football the two biggest components to a winning team are strength and speed. Coaches may have the best game plan for a team through their offensive and defensive schemes, but lacking those two key components will always leave a team one step behind their opponent. For the past three years our football players at McCann Tech have attended the Livingstone Speed Academy. The results are evident in our record the past two years and speak for themselves. In 2013 those efforts were shown through a 7-1 regular season record, Tri-County championship and playoff appearance. In 2014 the glass ceiling was broken for McCann winning the school’s boys athletics first ever Western Massachusetts Division VI Championship. That team had a perfect regular season, claimed another Tri-County championship and was a finalist for the State Vocational Football Championship. The strength and speed our players developed at LSA allowed our offense to score an average of 46 points per game, second in all Massachusetts divisions overall. Our defense only allowed an average of six points per game. In 2014, McCann had five all Western Massachusetts first team selections and for second team selections. Each one of these athletes attended LSA.

When you are faster off the ball, stronger at the line of scrimmage, and able to break tackles due to your strength and speed, championships stop being a dream and they become reality. Through Rob Livingstone’s work with our athletes we have seen the difference and are believers in his program. Rob, a national champion himself at the University Georgia, knows what it takes to be a champion. He develops the strength and speed in these young athletes through a program that takes them step-by-step in a safe and efficient program. LSA guides them through a program in which they not only become faster and stronger, but greatly enjoy. Without LSA we would not have had the success that we have seen in the past two years. In seeing how many players are attending LSA now, we look forward to continuing success on the football field in the coming years because we know our players will be trained properly, thus being faster and stronger than our opponents.


Janice and John Benzinger - As our children got older they started getting more serious about their sports and expressed an interest in gaining strength to potentially play at the college level.  We asked around, looking for someone who did personal training and could help give them an edge.  At that time there was no one in the area who offered any such service.   In most metropolitan areas there are numerous resources to accomplish this.  Enter Rob Livingstone the newly hired Williams College strength coach. 

We meet with Rob shortly after he arrived in town and our son began working out with Rob almost immediately and has continued to do so ever since.  Our daughter started about a year later and is also still a client. At LSA they have received professional instruction on cutting edge strength, speed training techniques, and drills which have helped put them in a position to play at the next level.

Our son will be attending Wake Forest University in the fall on a football scholarship.  He was blessed with great size and athletic ability, but that wasn’t enough.  Division I College coaches do not typically recruit in Berkshire County and local athletes really need a differentiator to get them recognized.   Having good strength, good speed and the ability to perform the drills and lifts that college coaches are looking for is one way to accomplish this; and LSA helped and is continuing to help them accomplish this.

A specific example is the training my son received before attending the college football prospect camps.  We asked Rob to help our son with the combine drills/tests that the coaches require the athletes to perform.  He received individualized attention as Rob broke down each drill/test into small components and then put them all together.  The results were excellent and our son’s times differentiated him from others at the camp.  This was instrumental in him being highly recruited and ultimately receiving a scholarship.

Rob is working closely with our daughter who is trying to play college basketball.   He has helped her increase her fitness, gain strength and speed which will hopefully help her differentiate her at upcoming AAU tournaments.

We highly recommend LSA and Rob Livingstone for those individuals looking to reach and excel at the next level.


Celia Bote - Unlike most kids, I spent my childhood horseback riding and working around a farm instead of on the field or court. Once I got into highschool, I began playing volleyball. My first year was atrocious, I had never participated in a sport that required strength AND speed. I struggled to keep my up with my fellow teammates. As the year progressed I realized how much I enjoyed volleyball and how I wanted to be the best I could possibly be. That winter I began training with LSA and within 6 months Rob took me from JV bench player to starting Varsity player. When I returned that next season, I was able to keep up with the quickest and most agile girls on our team.  Aside from helping me progress on the court, Rob also helped me grow as a person off the court.  Instead of focusing on one's athletic ability alone, he focused on the person as a whole. He pushed me and many others to be the best we could possibly be. He taught us that when we think we have given it our all that, more often than not, we still have a lot more in us. Yes, he is known for being a phenomenal strength and conditioning coach, but arguably more importantly, Rob has taught me to be the best possible person I could be, whether it was on or off the court. I gained more selfconfidence with LSA then I other thought I could. I would highly recommend LSA to anyone who is looking to gain more self confidence and improve their strength and speed abilities.


Amy and Adam Filson - Ours sons, Cal and Cole, have been LSA athletes for five years now and have enjoyed marked improvements in their agility, conditioning, strength and power. Rob Livingstone has an eye for exactly what a specific athlete needs to further that athlete’s abilities. Rob is also a great help should your student-athlete be on the recruiting path. He called coaches that were interested in Cal and explained Cal’s training character and his coach-ability; a feature that definitely helped Cal in his college’s commitment to him. Cole has had remarkable results with his core strength and has learned to continually push himself. Most importantly, the LSA program is run in a way that makes athletes yearn to improve and never miss a session. We very pleased with our children’s results with LSA and look forward to Rob’s continued guidance regarding their physical development.


Alyssa Bush - I have been attending the strength portion of Livingstone Speed Academy regularly after obtaining a knee injury in high school. Rob Livingstone took the time to adapt movements and exercises that would aid in my recovery, allowing me to become stronger that I had been before. I am now a collegiate swimmer and I aid much of my strength and success to Rob's time and energy. He is an excellent motivator and will bring the best out of any athlete.